About us

Second Hand Magazine is a free weekly publication.

Our history.

We were established since 1999 with the intention of providing the Hispanic community with an effective and efficient way to buy, sell, trade and advertise.

We are proud to be the first magazine to implement the popular “Encounters” section, in which we help people find their better half.

We are the #1 magazine in Phoenix.

Thanks to our clients who help us offer a wide variety of services, and to our communities who read to us every week.

Advertise your business in the magazine and on the web.

Here at Segunda Mano, our goal is to help your business increase its sales. Thanks to our magazine and website, our readers can find you quickly and easily.

Buy, Sell, Trade, Advertise and Support

We exist to help everyone in Arizona buy, sell, trade, and advertise. Thanks to the support that the community gives us, we also help people with low incomes and resources, through our community events.